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March, 2011 Monthly archive

One of our best ever guests has been Dennis “Citizen” Kane, that’s agreed by us all.  He’s the real deal when it comes to crate diggin’ discoid business, as well as the man who was on point from day dot with what many now refer to as “Nu-Disco” (but anyone with any shred of dignity knows as House music, whilst appreciating the subtleties of difference and type).

Dennis definitely keeps it real, that’s beyond doubt.  He often keeps it real with one Darshan Jesrani, having played and promoted together for many a year, running parties vigrx plus penisvergr erung like Adult Section @ Cielo and the infamously shit hot Strobe Lodge parties, taking place in lofts around NYC where the pair take full control of every aspect of the night and channel their passion from the core outwards

Check details for that here : www.strobelodge.com

And keep your eyes peeled and ears unsealed for some serious upcoming podcasts about to detonate here : www.dsgtnyc.com where you’ll also catch the vibe about some extra special releases as Disques Sinthomme and Ghost Town

Get on the incredible Transmission Mix that Dennis has very kindly put together for us…voila


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