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January, 2011 Monthly archive

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Able(ton) Seaman Johnston

The Hardway Bros comprise of Mr Sean Johnston (London), Jake Davies (LA) and a clandestine South London presence, going by the name “Rico” whom we will leave you to speculate and cogitate upon.  You’ll have noticed a glut of remixes bearing the Hardway moniker over the past year and thus be familiar with their astral discotheque sound and henceforth the decidedly quality nature of it.

It’s Sean who provides us with this exciting, new blend, although Rico may have provided a degree of spiritual vibez during, who knows.  Having a DJ style described as “Future Disco” but indeed enveloping a multitude of genres that require no segregating, he’s played clubs as discerningly great as Disco Bloodbath and had a most triumphant mix, feature on the Beats In Space show.

Alongside a young, rookie Disc Jockey cohort named Andrew Weatherall, Sean has pokie online founded an utterly splendid night they’re calling ,

 “A Love From Outerspace”

and describing it as

an oasis of slowness in a world of ever increasing velocity

It’s an exploratory incision into the body of 80-120 BPM music, holding a hypnotic groove and delving into pyschedelia, the good way.  This mix pays tribute to this fantastic monthly session.  And as such, it’s absolutely fucking excellent.

A Love From Inner Space

John The revelator – Nicholas Jaar

Petik – Space System

Red dawn – Umberto

Version Wolfenstein – Bjorn Torske

Broken Fingers – Ronny & Renzo

For All Time – Bonar Bradberry

Marmelade – Soul Center

I Need Love – Hot Toddy feat Ron Basejam

Rock on – Transilvanian Galaxi

Multefunk – Dennis jnr

Swalbar – Phoreski

Bubblegum (Mark e mix) – Clinic

Voyage Direct – Tom Trago

Master Of The Sky – Space System

Heathen Child (Andrew Weatherall mix) – Grinderman

Demo Drums – Kassem Mosse

Pill Collins – Trickski

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Frank : Looking Downwards

Frank, as you may already know, is one half of production and DJ two-some Wild Geese, purveyors of fine musica from across the House, Techno, (Nu)Disco etc spectrum.  And it’s under this guise that he’s currently forging another path into the world of dance music .  But, as you should by rights already be aware, Frank is a selector par excellence with a knowledge of trans-genre music deeper than Paul Gascoigne’s tin of Breaker. 
One of the originators of the legendary Rooty party in that London (alongside Basement Jaxx and Tayo and a long time media scribe (hack), it’s a pleasure and I dare say an honour to receive a mix for our site from a chap who’s done more than most to push tings on, as they say.
Dropping a shoulder to the expected and feinting into an eclectic space, the theme of Frank’s mix is;
“a load of records I really love slung together at 1am after a few pints. As it should be really.”
Take a look at the tracks below, have a wee tipple and enjoy the sounds.
Fireside Chat With The Balearic Soulboys
Kitty & the Haywoods – Love Shock
Stephen Michael Schwarz – Get It Up For Love
Shirelles – Sunday Dreaming
Dionne Warwick – You’re Gonna Need Me
Natalie Cole – Annie Mae
Claudia Barry – Whatcha Doing To Me
Sarah Vaughn – And I Love Her
Lo Borges – Homem Da Rua
RD Livingstone – Can’t Find Myself
Margo Thunder – The Soul Of A Woman
Jess Roden – On Broadway
Chicago – Happy ‘Cause I’m Going Home
Jan Hammer Group – Don’t  You Know
Phil Upchurch & Tennyson Stephens – Blackgold Of The Sun
Aretha Franklin – This Girls In Love With You
Louis Armstrong & Leon Thomas – What A Wonderful World
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A new decade and new beginnings for all, us included. Our first party of the year, in conjunction with the amazing Garden Festival, just so happens to be our last at the Deaf Institute. In the name of keeping things fresh and on point, we’ll be taking affairs a little more clandestine and underground…keep your eyes peeled for more details of basement business and periodical uber-raves comin’ at yer very soon !

And who better …to bid us adieu from our current home than one of our very first and very finest guests from back in the day (2004), Mr Greg Wilson!

Since that Sunday evening in Tribeca, not only has Greg played for us numerous other times, he’s also gone on to pretty much (re)conquer the world of disco once again, touring the world and gigging relentlessly as a new generation of clubber falls under his charm. The king of the edit, Ruthless Rap Assassin producer, first person to beat match on British TV, chronicler of black origin music and now one of the most prolific and skilled remixers around, it’s been a long time coming but it’s an immense honour to welcome our old friend back with his trusty Revox reel to reel, for a super exclusive 3 hour set!

Come on down and help us say farewell to our home for the last three years with one of the true masters of the DJing art by taking the roof off the Music Hall one last time. In association with The Garden Festival, the Adriatic proto-Ibiza, this show forms part of their official Garden Get Together Tour tour.

The Garden Festival runs from 6th – 13th July in Petracane, Croatia. For more info and line ups check out http://www.thegardenfestival.eu/ – Trust me, it’s amazing!!

Buy Tickets:

The Deaf Institute, 135 Grosvenor St, Manchester
10:30pm – 3:30am

Greg Info;

Greg Music ;

The Garden Festival:

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